The 8 steps to joining us in business

If you’re interested in owning a Royal Copenhagen Ice Cream store, then Step 1 is to ask us some questions, for example:

Step 1

a) What does it cost?

  • The ultimate cost is determined by the size of the shop. Obviously, the greater the floor space, the more the fit out costs. On average you could expect to pay between $200,000 and $300,000 for a free standing shop.
  • Initial Franchise Fee of $40,000 is payable in 3 stages; $10,000 upon signing the Franchise Agreement, $15,000 upon construction and $15,000 upon opening. This is a one off fee.

b) What is the ongoing franchisee fee?

  • You will pay 7% of your turnover.

c) What level of support can a franchisee expect?

  • Royal Copenhagen provides franchisees with a comprehensive support system. This begins with the Directors of Royal Copenhagen using their combined 50 years experience to assist you in site selection, evaluation and shop design.
  • Training in all aspects of your business will be provided in our training store. This is supported by our Operations Manual which provides an ongoing reference covering ever y facet of your Royal Copenhagen store.
  • Upon the opening of your store, we will provide a trainer to stay and guide you through your first week of operation.
  • Throughout the life of your franchise, the Head Office and the Directors of Royal Copenhagen remain available to assist you in each and every aspect of your business.

Step 2

Provide us with some basic information by filling out this Expression Of Interest Form.

Step 3

We will call you and if we both agree, will arrange to meet with you. It has always been our policy that both franchisee and franchisor must decide before we start whether or not we would be happy to work together. Royal Copenhagen has a number of franchisees who have been with us for many years. Three franchisees have been our partners for more than twenty years and one is about to clock up thirty years, proving a strong friendship and productive working relationship is vital to the success of both parties.

Step 4

If we agree to move to the next step, we will require a full and formal financial disclosure from you. Royal Copenhagen will not sign franchisees who expose themselves financially via borrowings that places their home and family at risk.

Step 5

Securing a suitable location. The success of your store will rely to a large extent on its location. Royal Copenhagen will assist in site selection by drawing on our many years of experience in identifying and analysing prospective sites. We will require a $5,000 deposit to begin this process. This is to cover the costs involved and is deducted from the Initial Franchise Fee once an Agreement is signed. If no Agreement eventuates, the balance of the $5,000 will be returned to you less costs to that point. We will not sign a Franchise Agreement with you until a site is identified, agreed to by both you and Royal Copenhagen and a lease is available for signing.

Step 6

We will provide you with our Disclosure Document along with our Franchise Agreement.

Step 7

Once the lease and Agreement are signed and the first installment less $5,000 is paid, store design proceeds, fit-out is arranged, equipment is ordered and we arrange your training.

Step 8

When Step 7 is complete and your store is read y to open, we provide a trainer to stay with you for one week. Then you’re open for business!